Giuseppe Schiorlin

Accomplish More Using Gmail – Become A Gmail Super User


Who this course is for:
  • This course is great for anyone looking to learn how to automate inbound emails into a structured set of labels.
  • This course you will learn how to enhance and customise your Gmail interface.
  • Learn techniques to faster process your emails.


2 Hours

of Learning


of Completion

Wether you like it or not, email is often the centre of your personal and professional communication channels. As a result, there can be hundreds of people fighting for attention in your Gmail inbox.  That makes searching for emails and finding the important ones later a painful and daunting task. The great news is if you are a Gmail user, there are so many  ways to customise, automate, filter, sort, and arrange the inbox to suit your personal needs.

By enrolling in this Gmail course, you will learn the key strategies to help you become much more efficient while using Gmail on a daily basis.

Giuseppe (Pep) Schiorlin
Creator & Instructor

Accomplish More Using Gmail – Become A Gmail Super User